Disclosure about a survey in RDS Rio Negro.



A research project is underway in the Rio Negro Sustainable Development Reserve (RDS Rio Negro), with the aim of studying the small plants, also known as herbs, found in this area. The main researcher for this project is Kely da Silva Cruz, a doctor in Biodiversity who is currently working with Ecotourism in the reserve.



The result of this research will be the publication of a guide to the species of herbs found in the understory of the Uga-Uga module in the RDS Rio Negro. The purpose of the guide will be to assist in ecological tourism and scientific research carried out in the reserve.
During the data collection work, photos are taken for documentation. To record the coverage and occurrence of species, a specific method is used. Every 10 meters long and 50 cm wide, a measuring tape is stretched, and the species within that limit are recorded. This work takes place in plots of Campina, Riparia and Permanentes.
The photos were taken by Adriane Araujo, who captured images of the species present in the area, including plants such as Syngonanthus sp., Orchid: Prosthechea aemula, Orchid: Xerorchis trichorhizae and others.
The research had the collaboration of two professionals specialized in botany.
Adriane Maciel de Araújo, Master in Botany with an emphasis on taxonomy/systematics of Orchidaceae, helped with the photography of understory herbs and their identification in the RDS Rio Negro.
Rafaela Saraiva Peres, Master in Botany with an emphasis on taxonomy/systematics of poroid macrofungi from the Hymenochaetaceae and Ganodermataceae families, collaborated in the collection of data on understory herbs in the RDS Rio Negro.
This research aims to contribute to the knowledge of the biodiversity of RDS Rio Negro, in addition to providing valuable information for ecotourism and the development of scientific research in this region. The joint work of Kely da Silva Cruz, Adriane Maciel de Araújo and Rafaela Saraiva Peres represents a significant effort to understand and preserve the natural richness of the reserve.
Sampling in Campina N50  
/Faixa_sensivel_RDS_RN_2 Riparia-L2-1500. Verificando plantas dentro do segmento

Orquidea-Prosthechea aemula

Syngonanthus sp.
OrquÍdea Prosthechea aemula Syngonanthus sp.
Faixa_sensivel_RDS_RN_4 Faixa_sensivel_RDS_RN_5