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Field Guide to Amazonian Bats



"Field Guide to Amazonian Bats is the culmination of an almost unimaginable amount of challenging fieldwork. The first publication of its kind, it is beautifully illustrated, comprehensive and extraordinarily easy to use. Authors Adrià Lopez-Baucells, Ricardo Rocha, Paulo Bobrowiec, Enrico Bernard, Jorge Palmeirim and Christoph Meyer have provided an invaluable contribution to the world of bats, a must have publication for anyone working on bats in the Neotropics.


This publication is also the first to share a broad, well organized echolocation database and key, accompanied by appropriate cautionary advice and documentation. Hopefully, it will become a model, inspiring additional field guides for the rich and also vitally important bat faunas of Africa and Asia." 

- Merlin D. Tuttle. 

Founder and Executive Director Merlin Tuttle’s Bat Conservation.