Serra do Cipó: The research areas of the UFMG Com Cerrado are concentrated in the cerrado areas of Serra do Cipó located along the Espinhaço Chain (MG), southeastern Brazil. The installation drawings for modules and grids in Serra Cipó are shown in the protocols of the ComCerrado Network. In each of the collection sites, we have installed a weather station. These stations allow the measurement and recording of climatic and environmental data over time, for brief periods or historical bases, facilitating data analysis and decision making regarding the impacts generated by weather conditions. The weather station will provide the following climatic parameters (air temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, precipitation, global solar radiation, liquid and PAR, luminosity, barometric pressure, and soil humidity and temperature).

Rio Preto State Park: the Diamantina hub operates in two mosaics of Protected Areas in the Cerrado of Minas Gerais, the Sertão Veredas- Peruaçu Mosaic, in the extreme north of the state, and the Espinhaço Mosaic, in the mountain range of the same name. While the photographic trapping protocol was implemented in several conservation units of these two mosaics, the standardized sampling of several taxonomic groups occurred only in the Rio Preto State Park (PERP), which is part of the Espinhaço Mosaic. In this park, two research modules were installed following the RAPELD system, one in the lower part of the park (ca. 800m above sea level) and the other in the high part (ca. 1,400m above sea level).