Infrastructure Água Boa

Access to the site is 35 km far from the center of Boa Vista, on the BR-174 toward Manaus. Access to the experimental field is done by an extension of approximately four miles of ground road linking the BR-174 to its headquarters.
Under construction
Under construction
Classification covering approximately 616 ha of different habitats of seasonally flooded savannas distributed in 24 plots along four east-west (L) and ten north-south (N) trails. The plots are 0.5 km apart, which is different from that installed in forests(1 km), in order to make better use of the area.
Access infrastructures in the field (Trails: KM; bridges ...)
(under construction)
Geographic coordinates
UTM (20N region)
West: 736 267,3973
East: 741510,0093
North: 295 159.8497
South: 292551,7735
Transportation (cars, flying boats, etc. available)
(under construction)
Technical support
(under construction)
Reinaldo Imbrozio Barbosa
Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia - Roraima