The Joint Research Center presents tools for biodiversity management to CENBAM / PPBio.

Heloisa Tozato and Bastian Bertzky of the Joint Research Center (common research center) presented on April 13, 2016, in the auditorium of the post-graduation of INPA Campus III (V8) the tools developed and used for the monitoring of protected areas.


"Effects of exotic pastures on tadpole assemblages in Pantanal floodplains: assessing changes in species composition"

The article "Effects of exotic pastures on tadpole assemblages in Pantanal floodplains: assessing changes in species composition" assesses how flood plains converted to exotic pastures and native wooded pastures in the North Pantanal affect the tadpole assembly. The work by Leonardo F.B. Moreira, Luiz A. Solino-Carvalho, Christine Strüssmann and Roberto M.L.Silveira was published in the magazine Amphibia-Reptilia and is available here

PPBio makes its data repository available on DataONE.

The PPBio-AmOc data is part of the SiBBr (Brazilian Biodiversity Information System) and, on Tuesday, May 17, 2016, the PPBio-AmOc becomes the first repository of Ecological data in South America to be part of of DataONE. The Earth Observation Data Network (DataONE) is an international system for the management and analysis of scientific data.

Study carried out in schools near the Ducke Reserve reveals lack of knowledge about animal species that live near homes.

The article "Attitudes towards scorpions and frogs: a survey among teachers and students from schools in the vicinity of an amazonian protected area" carried out in a region with a high index of diversity and close to one of the largest areas of continuous urban forest, revealed the lack of knowledge about important species that live close to residences in Manaus.

Successful launch of the book "Embaúba: a tree and many lives"

On October 12, the book "Embaúba: a tree and many lives" was launched at the reading bookstore in Manaus.
The book written in trilingual edition (Portuguese, Japanese and English) is the inspiration of INPA / CENBAM researcher Dr. Noemia Kazue Ishikawa, in collaboration with researchers Takakazu Yumoto and William E. Magnusson. With beautiful illustrations by Hadna Abreu, the book introduces children to the wonders of biology and the interactions between plants, animals and fungi, in addition to telling true stories about a special tree, the embaúba.