Dissertations - 2021

Updated 25/11/2022

BR-319 Modules 12, 13 - Infrastructure

These last two modules are in Army areas (# 12: lat. -7,534, long. -63,244; # 13: lat. - 7,521, long. -63,109), a cooperation that has existed since 2011. Detailed weather data on these modules has been obtained from LBA towers, but these towers are currently disabled.

Study on network of frugivorous birds-plants interaction in campinaranas is concluded in PPBio plots in the Acre Regional Nucleus

The theme frugivorous birds-plants interaction in a campinarana enclave in southwestern Amazonia (Mâncio Lima-Cruzeiro do Sul), was the target of a master's degree work developed in one of the areas of PPBio and concluded by Maíra Santos Silva (Figure 1), student of the Graduate Program in Ecology and Natural Resource Management at the Federal University of Acre.