Part of the Amazon rainforest may be more resistant to drought than we thought.

This research is part of the doctoral thesis of the PPG-Ecology student Thaiane Sousa, supervised by the doctors Flávia Costa and Juliana Schietti.

Workshop on collecting and preparing mushroom exsiccates for botanical identification

The course took place from 4/24 to 5/15 at indigenous schools located in the communities of the Rio Negro catchment (Itacoatiara Mirim, Serra do Mucura, Pirarara Poço, São Pedro) and at the UEA Campus in São Gabriel da Cachoeira. In addition to the communities, the workshop was also held in Presidente Figueiredo. The objective of the course was to teach classes on biodiversity and the use of mushrooms from the Amazon, in addition to teaching them about the collection and preparation of exsiccates for the botanical identification of species.

Article published on the University of San Luis website shows PPBio's progress in Argentina

A report by PPBio Argentina researcher and member Dr. Ana Uchoa, published on September 24 on the University of São Luis website, shows the progress of the Biodiversity Research Program (PPBio) in this country.

Book Launch of "Brilhos na Floresta" will be in Manaus. 7-Dec-2019

The book "Brilhos na Floresta" written by Noemia Kazue Ishikawa, Takehide Ikeda, Aldevan Baniwa, and Ana Carla Bruno, and illustrated by Hadna Abreu, was written in four languages (Portuguese, English, Japanese, and Nheengatu - Tukano) and is devoted to the Amazonian Indigenous Peoples. It commemorates 2019,  the International Year of Indigenous Languages.

Amazonian Fungi

Antibacterial activity of Lentinula raphanica collected in Central Amazon