Launch of the book Përisi (Marasmius yanomami) - the fungus that the Yanomami women use in their basketwork.

The book Përisi - the fungus that Yanomami women use in basketry - was organized by the Socioenvironmental Institute, with the joint participation of 31 authors. INPA was invited to compose the list of authors through the participation of the researcher and vice-coordinator of INCT-CENBAM, Noemia Kazue Ishikawa and the postdoctoral fellow, Jadson José Souza de Oliveira, who contributed to the identification of the new species of fungus called "Marasmius yanomami", after having been asked by the Yanomami women to identify the material that is used by them in the decoration of their liana woven baskets.


"This work is important because it is a record of our knowledge; of how we use and manage the përɨsɨ and this know-how can be inherited by our children, grandchildren and grandchildren. And it is also important to show that our basketwork is not just about making money, but also publicising how we Yanomami women work."; write the authors.
The book is part of the series "Saberes de la Floresta Yanomami", which recently presented traditional Yanomami knowledge about fish, crustaceans and mushrooms. The book Ana Amopö: Mushrooms was the winner of the Jabuti Prize in the Gastronomy category in 2017.