3rd Preparatory Meeting for the World Science Forum 2013 - Manaus / AM

The 3rd Preparatory Meeting for the World Science Forum 2013 took place in Manaus, held at the Science Auditorium, at the National Institute for Research in the Amazon - INPA, from November 28 to 30, 2012. Promoted by the Brazilian Society for the Progress of Science (SBPC), the Brazilian Academy of Science (ABC), the State Secretary for Science, Technology and Information (SECTI / AM), the Amazonas Research Support Foundation (FAPEAM), the National Amazon Research Institute ( INPA) and other government agencies and entities in the C&TI system, which make up the National Executive Committee of the World Science Forum 2013, with functions related to the participation of the Brazilian government in the preparation, thematic programming and institutional coordination of the World Forum to be held in November 2013 in Rio de Janeiro.
Due to the importance of the event, the entities decided to hold 7 Preparatory Meetings for the main event, in different Brazilian capitals, where themes related to the main challenges of science in the 21st century will be discussed, in the national and international contexts.
The theme of the event in Manaus “Tropical diversity and science for development”, was discussed in the form of lectures and round tables, where topics such as science education, the dissemination and access to knowledge and social interest, ethics in science and science for sustainable and inclusive development were addressed. Dr. William E. Magnusson, coordinator and researcher at PPBio / CENBAM, participated in the roundtable “Science for the use of tropical natural resources” and highlighted the importance of investments in education to promote greater use of local natural products and their inclusion in production chains.
After the meeting in Manaus, the next cities to host the event will be Salvador (BA), Recife (PE), Porto Alegre (RS) and Brasília (DF). At the end of this important debate at the national level on the role of science for global development, we intend to edit a final publication with the consolidation of the proposals and main conclusions of the discussions held, to be launched before the World Forum in November 2013, at city ​​of Rio de Janeiro.
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