PPBio/CENBAM QGIS workshop in Manaus - 28/Nov/2016.

QGIS Map Making Workshop.

November 28 to December 2 - 2016

The 5-day workshop was presented by Rafael Rabelo (a PPBio scholarship holder) and attended by the scientific community of INPA, members of the PPBio head office and the regional PPBio centers of Santarém, Rondônia, Roraima, Acre and Amapá and some post-grad. students and PIBIC. The event was divided into two modules: 3 days of theoretical-practical classes on using the tools available in QGIS and two days in which the participants worked on their own thematic maps using what had been learned. By the end of the workshop the 27 participants successfully presented their maps to the other participants. Mission Accomplished!




Text by: Thaiane Sousa

Translated by: Tim Vincent