Trail C - Floresta Estadual Tapauá

The 5 km trail is located on a private plot on BR 319 (2 km) and in the Tapauá State Forest (3 km), in the municipality of Tapauá. The trail starts 800 meters from BR 319, in a private lot. The trail was opened in September 2010 to collect fauna and flora data for the preparation of the Conservation Unit Management Plan. This work was carried out within the Purus-Madeira Initiative project, hired by SDS.

The installation was financed by the National Department of Transport Infrastructure (DNIT), the State Secretariat for the Environment and Sustainable Development of Amazonas (SDS) and the Amazon Biosphere Defense Foundation (FDB) For details of access, infrastructure, relief and solo, download the Site Registration Form.

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Patrícia Carignano Torres