Chandless Infrastructure

The module is located about 1.5 km from the headquarters of the UC, inserted in two forest types: bamboo forest, palm forest. The region of the module has wavy to smooth wavy relief and is cut by small streams, with only a few being perennial. It has 8 trails in total, two of 5 km where the plots are installed and six of 1 km.
The access to the module is made by waterway at about 800 meters from the Headquarters on the right bank of the Chandless River.
The UC has a headquarters on the right bank of the Chandless River, used to accommodate researchers, students and technicians. It consists of a wooden construction with two rooms (female and male), each with a capacity for 10 people, bathrooms, equipped kitchen, pantry, common space with table and benches, as well as a space for laboratory and tents. The entire structure is equipped with piped water and electricity powered by a generator.O módulo está situado cerca de 1,5 km da sede da UC, inserido em duas tipologias florestais: floresta de bambus, floresta de palmeiras. A região do módulo apresenta relevo ondulado a suave ondulado e está recortada por pequenos igarapés, sendo que apenas alguns são perenes. Possui 8 trilhas no total, duas de 5 km onde estão instaladas as parcelas e seis de 1 km.
Images of the Chandless Park accommodation.
Infrastructure plan for Parque Chandless accommodation.
There are 10 land parcels distributed in the 5 km² module.
Access infrastructure in the field
Access is initially via land via BR-364, from Rio Branco to Manuel Urbano (210 km). Departing from the Purus river bridge, then entering the mouth of the Chandless river. The bridge route from Purus-Headquarters to PE Chandless, by flying boat, takes about 8 hours. It can also be done by air (chartered plane) from Rio Branco to the Headquarters of the UC with a duration of 1:10 h. All activities carried out at PE Chandless are managed by the UC manager, Jesus Rodrigues (SEMA-AC).
Geographic coordinates
Latitude: -9o 22 ’47.56920”
Longitude: -69o 55 ’45.46069”
Car and boat or plane.
Jesus Rodrigues
Secretaria de Estado de Meio Ambiente do Acre
Setor de Áreas Protegidass
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