Infrastruture Anavilhanas Arquipelago

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The Anavilhanas sampling site is a virtual grid, consisting of 3 km equidistant lines drawn on a 1: 900,000 m georeferenced image of the Anavilhanas archipelago. Where this grid crossed islands, the points were considered sample units. Thus, 84 plots (sample units) were delimited, and the sample units were represented by transects that cross the islands perpendicular to their length. The transects were always arranged perpendicularly to the island in order to cover the topographic gradient that goes from the border to the interior of the islands. All transects were georeferenced and indicated by plates at the beginning of each track.
Access infrastructures in the field
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Geographic coordinates
West: - 60º 22 '
East: - 61 ° 12 '
North: - 02º03 '
South: -03º 02 '
Transport (cars, flying boats, etc.)
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Technical support
There is a floating platform and a land base to support inspection and research. These structures are located close to the Prato Lake, Baipendi River and at the mouth of the Apuaú River.
Dr. William E. Magnusson
Ecology Research Coordination
National Amazon Research Institute