Projeto Igarapés

The Ygarapés Project (initially with "Y") was actually born in 2001, conceived by some researchers linked to the Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragments Project (PDBFF/INPA), especially Jansen Zuanon (INPA), Paulo De Marco Jr. (UFG), Eduardo Venticinque (WCS/UFAM), Marcelo Gordo (UFAM), and Jorge Nessimian (UFRJ), who saw a gap in knowledge about the effects of changes in land cover on aquatic or associated fauna. The Igarapés Project (now with "I") grew, expanded its research line, and today presents consistent results from studies ranging from taxonomy, natural history, and ecology to evaluations of the effect of fragmentation, urbanization, or forest management on the fauna associated with small water bodies in the Amazon. Over the years, several monographs, dissertations, theses, and scientific articles have been produced within the scope of the Project. And this has been growing every day. Check out the project's website:
Responsible: Jansen Zuanon
National Institute of Amazonian Research