Plans are underway for the installation of a RAPELD module in the U.K.

The site is located in a preservation area beween major roads where bridge construction is underway. The area is approximately 5 km long x 1km wide and seems ideal for the installation of a standard RAPELD module crossing a variety of different terrains. (Click here for interactive map.)

Satellite View of UK PPbio proposed RAPELD site

Access is relatively easy and so should provide Salford University students with excellent opportunities for carrying out biodiversity surveys.

Bridge Construction  View across sandflats towards bridge.

Work started on the Mersey Gateway Project on 7 May 2014. In autumn 2017 a new six lane toll bridge over the Mersey between the towns of Runcorn and Widnes will open to relieve the congested and ageing Silver Jubilee Bridge. Both the new Mersey Gateway Bridge and the Silver Jubilee Bridge will be tolled, but they will be free for eligible Halton residents to cross.

Mersey Gateway Environmental Trust

The Mersey Gateway Environmental Trust is unique for a major construction project in the UK. Its aims are to:

  • be the Upper Mersey Estuary’s most active and influential wildlife champion,

  • ensure the Mersey Gateway Project is a visionary example of environmental management for future major construction projects,

  • improve the natural environment around the bridge and through the Upper Mersey Estuary on both land and water,

  • increase the bird and wildlife population of the Upper Mersey Estuary over the next 30 years, and

  • secure additional funding for environmental initiatives in the area over the next 30 years.

Sandflats at lowtide

Geese on the sand flats at lowtide.

The Moore Nature Reserve is situated between the Manchester Ship Canal and the River Mersey and is another excellent location for bird watchers.


Area of grassland and shrubs with Fiddlers Ferry Power Station in the background.