Mesoclemmys raniceps

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Family: CHELIDAE    

Scientific Name: Mesoclemmys raniceps

Local Name: lalá, charapa.

Common Name: Amazonian Toadhead Turtle.

Length: Up to 33 cm.

Appearance: The head is dark brown in colour with black on top and yellow along the sides. The length of the head is approximately a quarter of the length of the carapace. When compared to the female, the males have a longer, thicker tail and a concave plastron.

Habitat: This species is widely distributed in Brazil. It lives in small slow running rivers, small lakes, springs and below waterfalls.

Diet: Carnivorous with strong jaws that enable them to eat crabs, prawns, apple snails, insects and carrion.

Reproduction: Lays about 8 eggs in each of up to 6 nests from July to August.

Exploitation: Although it may be eaten locally, it is not widely exploited neither as food nor as a pet.