From the 1st to 3rd September 2010 PPBio/CENBAM/INPA presented a basic RAPELD course in biodiversity monitoring.

September 1-3 2010, Manaus: A basic course in Biodiversity Monitoring using the RAPELD system. Presented by PPBio/CENBAM/INPA in the Reserva Florestal Adolpho Ducke.



The course had the participation of 27 managers of the Brazilian Forest Service, IBAMA, ICMBio, MMA and representatives of consulting firms and aimed at training the application of RAPELD method, which is the standardization of permanent plots for monitoring biodiversity long term research.

Instructors Flavia Costa (PPBio / CENBAM / INPA), William Magnusson (PPBio / CENBAM / INPA), Murilo Sversut (INPA) and Wilson Spironello (INPA) addressed topics such as data entry, complementarity and false absences, targets for biodiversity monitoring as well as practical exercises on land permanent plots, water and estimated by linear transect density.

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Veja todas as fotos do Curso no álbum online do PPBio/CENBAM.