About Us

The Biodiversity Research Program (PPBio) has three sections:
  • Biological collections – supports the growth and development of such biological collections as herbariums, museums and living collections
  • Themed Projects - growth and development of methods for the sustainable management of biodiversity and bioprospecting.

The PPBio Portal also provides information about the Regional Research Centers,  including their locations and the resesrch they are engaged in. Strengthening such Centers and training human resources in each region are among PPBio’s main goals. Research and Collection Sites, where biodiversity research is conducted​​, are also available for consultation via this menu. This area of the portal allows you direct access to your topic of interest. The Portal also provides links to Identification Guides (both published as those still in draft form) as well as other PPBio-linked publications associated.
Video about PPBio and the work we do and why we do it.